Best Days Of Our Lives

We’re keen on a bit of a do. We have some
memorable spaces to hold a spot of joy in: a couple
of rooms, with a dash of something special, in which to
host weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties,
birthday celebrations, kids’ discos, family
get-togethers or just good old-fashioned

The Assembly Room or ‘the big room’ as the
previous landlady used to call it has one big
table for 30 people or one big dance floor for
100. Then there is the stable; although actually
it was originally built as a carriage room
which sounds grander, it now has a table,
a big table. It sits in the pit where the carriages
would have been drawn into, inviting 22 people
to gather around it and put the world to rights
and wrongs. We ended up calling the room
The Stable With A Table. (Nothing really rhymed
with ‘carriage room’ except ‘marriage boom’).

Hire Charges
Stable with the Table: £150.00
Assembly: £350

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