The Bell is a quirky pub and hotel in the heart of the village of Ticehurst.

Warm and comfortable, it is the kind of place where long evenings begin, where they end is never certain.

All are welcome from near or far
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Food glorious food

We cherish the rich and varied bounty that each season brings and serve it on a plate.

Sleep talking

Seven trees with attached bedrooms.
Three extraordinary lodges and a Love Nest.

Bit of a do

We’re keen on a bit of a do and have some memorable places to celebrate.

A place to meet

Board meetings, Mother's meeting
or a gathering of world leaders.

 Sunday 12th June

'I told you I was ill'

Join us for a day celebrating

Spike Milligan

and general Gooney family fun 


29th June - Community Cinema



FREE Work Hub

Mon/Tue 12-4, Wed/Thu 9-4


Have a look round The Bell


We do

As you might imagine, we're no ordinary wedding venue.

Fish out of water

Locally sourced fish every Saturday morning.


There are many wonderful things to see and do in and around Ticehurst.

Carrot & Staff (no stick)

We’re looking for all sorts of people.
Carrot: Brilliant team, fantastic place.
Stick: Not necessary.

Apply Here.



We want to celebrate produce from in and around Ticehurst village in all its glory.

Once upon a now

So why  'Apparently'?

It just crops up in converstion. Try not saying it over the bar, over dinner or over the rainbow, it’s impossible.  It gives you licence to embellish, inflate and add your own twist.
Hear a story, make it yours, re-tell it, differently, better, funnier. Listener becomes narrator. Fact and fiction become bedfellows.
And every time you inevitably succumb to its powers and charms, think of The Bell.

Apparently: it belongs to you.


People love The Bell, don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers and the press say.